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These Are Current And Upcoming Events.

Dr Oz Show - The date to be aired is "To Be Decided" by Fox TV

Megyn Kelly Speaks Out: Trump, Sexual Harassment & Fighting for Women. I was on the Dr Oz Show which was taped on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016 with 19 other survivors in New York City along with Dr. Robin Smith, consulted by Oprah. I am a survivor of sexual abuse & sexual assault/harassment & was invited to be on the show with my Book Promoter & Survivor, Bernice McNeaney.  It was an amazing experience meeting Dr Oz personally & having our photograph taken. He was very sincere, genuine, compassionate & warm towards all of the survivors on his show. A small part of my show airs along with Megyn Kelly's interview along with other assault survivors. To watch in your area, Google Then add your zip code for time. Please watch this very poignant interview & SHARE with all your friends!

CBN Asia 700 Club    Recorded on 3/15/2017 at 7 PM    The date to be aired is "To Be Decided"

Barbara was interviewed for an hour by Rolando C. Alto IV. Bernice had a separate interview. A TV crew of 5 came to Rev. Paul & Elvie Barner's missionary home in Davao City, Philippines from Manila for interviews.
4/F Saqittarius Condo  111 H.V. dela Costa St., Sakeo Village 1227 Makati City, Philippines
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I Will Survive    On-line    05/10/2017

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Davao Christian Bible Channel of Life TV LIVE   Sunday 03/26/2017 at 9 AM

With Host Pastor Bobby Abrina, inviting Barbara to give her testimony to women with her sermon, "Violence in the First Family: the Fall, Shame, Blame & Redemption" to an audience of about 100 people.

Shrine Hills Matina,  Davao City, 8000 Philippines

Davao Christian Bible Channel of Life TV LIVE    Sun 03/26/2017 at 3 PM

Interview with Barbara & Bernice by Host: Amara P. Abrina, Head of Philippine Youth Violence, Trafficking & Prevention, hired by Philippine President Dutarte.
Shrine Hills Matina,  Davao City, 8000 Philippines


Tell the World Project - Speaking Out Against Sexual Assault

Aug 14, 2015 Speak Out Against Sexual Assault with Rob Hustle. Coming Soon a collaboration with other survivors including Barbara Joy Hansen who's husband filmed her at Milford Cable TV with rapper & professional music recording artist. In addition, this project music video will be available on YouTube, ITunes, Amazon & Google Play.
All proceeds will go to charity. Thank you, Rob for asking me to perform for this very important project.

Tell The World Project

E CRONICON Addiction Journal    Wales, UK     Thursday, 01/15/2015

Addiction Commentary Manuscript, Listen to the Cry of the Child, ECAD-14-COM-001. On-line Submission.
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Positivity in the Face of Adversity
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